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Rebekah Nelson's Testimonials | R&R Properties of Eugene, LLC

Rebekah Nelson's Testimonials

“Bill was a pleasure to work with, very thorough and ALWAYS available.”
~Matt & Pam Schler

"I am very thankful for your work. In the past I have used several rental property management companies yet, R&R Properties of Eugene is the best property management that I have experienced. Every time I have made a request or question something, the response is so quick and exact. Also the renters are happy about that response."
~Thank you~TaeHwan Kim

“Our purchase was TRICKY (VA loan, out of town lender), but Bill HELPED us with EVERY HURDLE, and FOUGHT FOR US. We couldn’t be more satisfied."
~Sherry Mikawa

"It has been a pleasure being your tenant. I will recommend R&R Properties to anyone looking for a property in the Eugene area."
~Justin S. 2011

"From the first time we met Bill, we knew that he was the one person that we could trust to work for us. He listened and provided us with his professionalism and honesty. I loved the way Bill gave us updates along the way to keep us informed about what was happening with the sale of my property. He worked diligently for us. I highly recommend Bill for all your real estate needs. You will be glad you did!"
~Tina Burch

"Awesome agent who looks out for your best interest!"
~Shauna Rice-Schober

“Since giving my rental portfolio to R&R Properties of Eugene to manage, business obligations have meant that I have spent only a few days in the Eugene area over the past year. Rebekah and staff have not only placed great tenants in my units when they have become vacant, she has dealt with numerous problems that would normally have fallen outside of the property manager role. The result from my perspective has been complete peace of mind.”
~Chris Carlson

"Bill Nelson was GREAT! He was very knowledgeable."

“Bill and team are consummate professionals, and I weigh that with extensive experience with other realtors. We would utilize his services again.”
~Rick Eddy

"William is so amazing! He made my husband and I feel at ease and totally confident in buying our first home. Thank you William for all the time and energy you put into helping Justin and I find the perfect home to raise our family in!"
~Lacie Mock

~Shane Kronberger

"You guys have been great landlords and we will most definitely put the good word out there if we know of anyone looking to rent."
~Lisa and Seth 2012

“Bill was absolutely great”
~Sue and Rob Damron

"This being our third home purchased, Bill will forever get our business. Why? Too many to list."
~Keven Hopkins

Bill was AWESOME. This was our 1st home purchase and he made it very easy! We are very satisfied with our realtor.”
~Heather and Todd Hendrickson

"Excellent source of accurate information."
~Devery Marshall

“My partner and I met with Rebekah just about a year ago to discuss how to go about renting out our place. She was very helpful in working with us to determine a solid plan that would allow us to move on with our lives mostly worry free. Her efforts were quickly rewarded with tenants moving into our place within a month or so. And she found/selected fantastic tenants that both fit our desire and their desire to locate long tern residency. Since then, I have entrusted Rebekah with our property and she has managed all aspects providing us with a running summary of deposits, fees, and maintenance cost that is easy to track. But, beside this very professional operation, for my partner and I, the most appreciate aspect of working with Rebekah is that at anytime for any reason she will take a phone call to hear our concerns, inquiries, etc. regarding events of our property. Thanks to Rebekah and R&R Properties, my partner and I can live our lives knowing that our investment is well looked after. She has been great!”
~Mark and Marissa SherKenny

We will always come back to and recommend Bill for all real estate needs
~Susie and Michael Anderson

“Bill Nelson couldn’t have been more helpful to us. He was accommodating to our needs and we now own the home of our dreams.”
~Carol Coisler and Gary Koehler

"Bill is a great stand up guy who will never steer you wrong. He will do right by you from day one!"
~Charity Alm Richards

“Bill was warm and professional. He clearly enjoys his work and goes the (several) extra miles to make it easy for his clients. We truly enjoyed his company and think of him as a new friend.”
~Marissa and Mark Sherkenney

“I have to trust someone to work with them and I trust this team. I have sold two duplexes and a home and bought a duplex and a home thru this team in the last two years!”
~Charlene Wallis

Bill was terrific and went beyond our expectations. He really has helped us out even after the sale.
~Carol Hamilton

“This was a home-building to completion. I will use Bill and Team as listing agents for all the homes I build in the future.”
~Chris Carlson

Dear Sir/Madam:

“I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my professional relations and experience with Rebekah Nelson, of R&R Properties of Eugene, Oregon. I have known Rebekah, and worked closely with her since 2005. I have observed her professional demeanor, habits, superb ethics, and high level of competence - exercised consistently and on a daily basis. Rebekah is a pleasant, caring and compassionate person who can be pragmatic and firm, as the situation demands. Rebekah is my first call whenever I have questions pertaining to property management, and I have not hesitated to refer friends, family and professionals to her for their needs. In addition to being a strong professional resource, I count Rebekah as a close and dear friend. Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions regarding Rebekah.”

Joe Grigsby


“To whom it may concern:
If you own investment property, commercial or residential, you have choices. Some owners choose to act as their own managers. They are adept at navigating the Strict Oregon Landlord Tennant laws, maintain the proper tenant accounts and handle both credit and security checks. However for most investors this is not only cumbersome but time consuming and potentially a legal nightmare. Most investors prefer to have a professional handle the details of renting the property and take care of the management details.

So again they have choices. An owner may choose one of the many huge property management companies and become just a number in the long list of faceless investors, or they can choose a company that is large enough to handle all of the details, including credit and security checks, handle small maintenance problems, collect rents, keep the required records and still small enough to provide the individual services that an investor needs. Such a company is R&R properties of Eugene.

It has been my pleasure to work with owner Rebekah Nelson, Owner and hands on manager of R&R Properties; and I have recommended her with confidence to several of my investor clients. Rebekah has a strong background in Real Estate as well as Property Management and always follows through when I ask her to contact a client or potential investor. My investors have been pleased with her professional approach, her management plan and her thorough program for managing their investment properties.

It is with pride and confidence that I recommend R&R properties and owner, Rebekah Nelson, to any Real Estate investor, whether you own one property or a large apartment complex, a commercial Building or warehouse space.

I will be pleased to respond to your questions regarding this letter.”

Curtis W. Short
Broker, Licensed in Oregon


This letter is to introduce Bill and Rebekah Nelson, owners of R & R Properties of Eugene.

Century Bank has used their property management and real estate services over the past 18 months to manage and sell Other Real Estate Owned by the Bank.

Fifteen months ago we held 7 residential properties. As of this date we have none. Until each of the properties was sold, they were professionally managed by the Nelsons’ finding tenants, collecting rents, and managing rental issues. The Nelsons’ were instrumental in the marketing and sales of all of the properties to obtain a maximum return for Century Bank. Each of the properties sold for a top price, most times at or above the appraised value.

We would strongly recommend Bill and Rebekah to handle property management and real estate sales. They have always been professional, very knowledgeable of the market and absolutely responsive. They have been of great assistance to Century Bank.


Thomas P. Widmer
President & CEO
February 2012